have bard, will travel

This Halloween, we'll be livestreaming our new blank verse play about the terrifying true life & legend of Vlad the Impaler. Wriiten in the supernatural horror tradition of

Macbeth, Hamlet, & Faust and performed with a full cast of professional Shakespearean actors.


A story of hatred, war, plague,

and vampires.

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We are currently crowdfunding for our upcoming Dracula play.
We're donating 1/3 of the money raised to pay the cast, 1/3 to be donated to organizations fighting hate, and 1/3 towards future productions.
For more information, please see our Go Fund Me page.

In the lead up to the Halloween premiere, we are packing our YouTube channel, Have Bard Will Travel, with a series of videos on the history of vampires.

Episode 1: Lilith and the oldest recorded legends of vampires and vampire-like monsters.

Episode 2: Vampires in the Fertile Crescent and Mesopotamian world.

Episode 3: Vampires in Ancient Greece, and the sad tale of Lamia.