Embodying Shakespeare 

Psychophsyical Shakespeare

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In-depth professional training incorporating physical theatre, historical practices, voice & text, and a full play performance

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Have Bard, Will Travel

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In seven sessions of class and rehearsal, students and acting coach Paul Jannise together devise a performance of one of Shakespeare's works for presentation.

The Psychophysical Approach to Acting is Holistic Acting, bringing the mind and the body together. Where Method acting places emphasis on psychology, Psychophysical Acting explores acting through physicality and action.


Embodying Shakespeare takes performers away from the table and puts them on their feet, exploring the text with the same tools that Shakespeare’s players did centuries ago: the body and the imagination. We use a combination of Original Practice, Shakespeare's own techniques for rehearsal and performance, with modern acting theory.

We also use contemporary techniques refined from the great acting teachers: Konstantin Stanislavski, Michael Chekhov, and Phillip Zarrilli, as well as great Shakespearean Voice & Text coaches like Cecily Berry, Kristin Linklater, and Barbara Houseman.

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